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Stimulus check: Plus-up payment status, IRS deadline schedules, more to know


Your third stimulus check may have arrived, but may you be eligible for a plus-up payment from the IRS, too.

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Know that the IRS is not finished making the third round of stimulus payments. In the latest wave, the IRS sent 2 million more checks, which makes 163 million total payments since March’s American Rescue Plan was enacted. If you’re waiting for that third check, it may not be all you get from the IRS. In addition to the payment up to $,1400, you may meet the requirements for a “plus-up” payment, if the IRS underestimated the amount you qualify for by using an older tax return when it calculated your dollar amount.

The IRS is keeping to a regular payment schedule, sending out weekly batches of money. And it has waves more teed up for those who are eligible, including for those who receive SSI and SSDI benefits and for nonfilers who don’t normally file a tax return. With the extended tax season running this year until May 17, you may still be waiting for your tax refund, too. And after you receive your stimulus payment, you should be on the lookout for a letter from President Joe Biden with information about your check. See below for why you want to hold on to this confirmation letter. (And you may be due an income tax refund. Here’s how to check on that using the IRS tracker.)

Here’s what to know about the IRS timeline for payments, including how to report a stimulus check problem and when it’s time to file a payment trace. If you have kids, keep an eye out for child tax credit payments for up to $3,600 to start this summer, and how to claim up to $16,000 for child care expenses. Also, here’s how to check on the status of your tax refund. In a speech, last week, Biden talked about what money you could receive as part of his administration’s next two stimulus proposals, beyond the American Rescue Plan, including talk of a fourth check. This story is frequently updated.

Plus-up stimulus payments going out each week along with third round of checks

Depending on which year’s tax form the IRS used when it calculated your third payment, you could be due a plus-up payment too. The IRS may have calculated the amount of your payment using an older tax form instead of your 2020 filing. If that happened to you, once the IRS receives your 2020 tax return and calculates your third payment again, under the American Rescue Plan, you could be due more money based on information from your current filing — or on other factors if you don’t usually file.

The IRS said it will automatically send these plus-up stimulus payments if it needs to square up the amount it owes you, but to double-check the math, you may want to confirm how much money you should expect this stimulus round, and then track your payment.

Should you track the status of your stimulus check using the IRS tracker app?

Knowing the status of your payment is an important part of making sure you know where your full payment stands. With the IRS Get My Payment tracker tool, you can get a daily update on the status of your payment . The online app can also flag with a message if there’s a problem with your payment that you may need to address.

If you expect your payment is coming in the mail, you use a free tool from the USPS to track your mailed stimulus payment.

Stimulus payment timeline through December 2021

Most of the third stimulus check payments have gone out from the IRS and US Department of the Treasury based on what information the IRS has on hand to determine payment amounts. The March stimulus law, however, gives…

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